The art of writing “Thank you”

Paperless Post Thank you

I love the idea of sending cards to friends. It starts with the search for a design that best fits their personality and mine. Then, tailoring a message to show how I am thinking of them. And finally, once the card is received, getting their excited reaction and sometimes rekindling a long-distance relationship.

But I have to confess, the fun for me stops here as far as paper cards go. The search for the right design can have me scouring through multiple stores. Prices make me wonder if they are hand-painted in some fancy atelier in Paris. Then you have to drag yourself to the post office and line up for a nice stamp. Not to mention the cost when sending a card abroad.

In the end, between friends, we don’t even send birthday cards anymore, just texts. Which is a little sad, don’t you think?

So when Paperless Post invited me to review their digital services on my blog, I was thrilled to try it out.

Paperless Post website

I first heard of Paperless Post through an online invitation from a fashion designer. I googled them and discovered a website full of customizable cards for all kinds of occasions: birthdays, invitations, business, holidays and more. The designs are whimsical, colorful and of great quality, some of them stemming from collaborations with fashion houses (Charlotte Olympia, Mary Katrantzou…)


Paperless Post Charlotte Olympia

I decided to write a thank-you note to Solli who took me to a cabaret show this month (and also because she’s an awesome friend and has been very supportive of me relaunching this blog).

I created my account on Paperless Post, which automatically gave me 25 coins. Coins are the form of payment for online cards on the website, knowing that there are numerous free designs.

I then browsed designs in the general thank-you note section (under the Cards & Stationery part). Oddly enough there is a better and much larger selection on the Paperless Post app than on the website (at least for thank-you notes) so make sure you check that out. A filter on the top right allows you to choose the number of pictures (in case you want to add your own), price, color, designer and shape. I filtered on “no photos”, coming out with a selection of 135 (!) cards which generally looked pretty great. I checked the stars underneath the ones I liked the most to add them to my favorites. To help you make a decision, you can click on a card to enlarge it, view the back and eventually change colors.

Paperless Post thank you cards

Once you’ve made a selection, it’s time to customize your card. Regarding the text, I had a large choice of fonts, colors and formats. You can also add a backdrop to your card if you wish.

Paperless Post fonts

When you are done with the card itself, you can eventually add an envelope. There is a large choice of liners (like pink flamingos or pineapples) for a fun touch.

Paperless post envelope liners

A preview allows you to see how the recipient will view your card. Initially it did not display the envelope liner I had picked but it did do it correctly after I sent the card to my friend.

Once you’re happy with your design, it’s time to click on “Done”. In the final step, Paperless Post asks you to add the name(s) of the recipient (you can link the app directly to your phone contacts), email subject and your name. You also have the option to schedule or send straight away.

Upon sending, Paperless Post sent me a confirmation email with the option to add recipients and to track my card. You can indeed view if your friend already opened it or not.


My card only cost me 2 coins: I picked a free design and a 2-coin liner for my envelope. This means I have 23 coins remaining from the credit Paperless Post automatically gave me after registering.

Overall I enjoyed my experience of sending an online card with Paperless Post. The designs are right to my taste and the process was pretty quick and straightforward even if I was not familiar with the app. I would definitely use their service again for birthdays or New Year’s in place of sending texts, emails or Facebook messages.

As for my friend’s reaction? Very positive! Solli loved how the card looked like a real one and is much more esthetic than your usual e-card. And as she rightfully pointed out, online cards are environmentally friendly. Solli was able to reply to me directly by email.

I’d love to read your thoughts on e-cards. Do you enjoy receiving them or would you still rather get paper cards?

3 thoughts on “The art of writing “Thank you”

  1. Im blushing, thanks for your kind words and thanks again for the beautiful card Anne!! I must confess I belong to those who still prefer sending real cards, but after sending around 14 Christmas cards last year and only 3 of them found their way to their owners I must admit I rather send an e-card this year and im more convinced now when i know there are companies like Paperless Post offering beautiful designed cards :-)

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